A Guide to Tbilisi City, Capital of Georgia


Tbilisi Georgia tour

The territory of Tbilisi and its suburbs populated since IV century B.C. There are a lot of churches and historical monuments in the Old City, as well as many museums, narrow streets and old houses with the characteristic wooden balconies, wide and open. The statue of Mother of Georgia, overlooking the city from the mountain ridge, attracts attention: welcoming its guests with a bowl of wine in one hand, and a sword in another for the enemies, the statue represents the symbol of Georgia. We will start excursion with Tbilisi old-town: visit the great St. Trinity Church, Abanotubani - the one of the ancient districts in Tbilisi famous for its sulfur springs, visit Narikala fortress overlooking the city and the Kura River, Metekhi church and the bridge of beauty, walk to Shardeni street and visit Sioni Cathedral initially built in the 6th-7th centuries, Anchiskhati basilica an oldest Orthodox church in the city built in the early sixth century, after excursion in Georgian National Museum drive up to Mtatsminda mountain and visit the park on the top of the hill, continue to open-air ethnographical museum and finishing tour at the Turtle Lake located in Vake district.

Tbilisi Georgia tour

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